Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bob Novak, Mr. Godly-Man

There's a profile of Robert Novak, a.k.a. "The Prince of Darkness," coming out in Esquire mag which got a sneak peak in the WashPost (here, but scroll down, past the other item about John Kerry setting up a PAC for his next pointless run for the White House). Novak apparently claims, with an apparently straight face, that he's doin' the will of God, which would then support the theory of some world religions that the Christian God is actually a minor thug doing what He can to advance the cause of wealth and privilege, the poor be damned. "I'm trying to tell the truth and taking positions that I hope are godly positions, positions that I hope are helpful to my fellow man," says Novak, but it's important to remember that "my fellow man" in Novak's lexicon refers exclusively to rich white guys with incomes in the six figures. Then there's the Valerie Plame case: "While two other reporters, Matthew Cooper of Time and Judith Miller of the New York Times, face jail time for refusing to divulge their sources in the case," writes VF contributing editor David Margolick, "the man who broke the story apparently doesn't."

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