Sunday, October 03, 2004

More C.I.A. Leaks: WHAT Iraqi Nuclear Threat?

A huge story in today's NYTimes today -- both in terms of length and in terms of potential impact -- that exposes the Bush administration for its lies about the supposed nuclear bomb program Saddam was supposedly pursuing. Source of much of this information? Unnamed officials in the C.I.A. Bottomline: The Bush administration's own experts told the administration MONTHS before our invasion that those notorious aluminum tubes, which Condoleezza Rice warned would surely lead to a mushroom cloud, were much more likely intended for use in small artillery rockets.

Today on ABC's "This Week," George Will smugly commented that he didn't think the voters would be able to make any sense out of the relative diameters of aluminum tubes, and so he thought this story would have no impact. So much for Will's belief in the basic intelligence of the American voter.

On the same show, Condoleezza Rice stubbornly stuck to her talking points from two years ago. What else could she do? Admit that she was in on the warping of facts to justify a preordained war?

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