Saturday, August 28, 2004

Texas Law-Maker Says He's Ashamed He Helped G.W. Bush Avoid Vietnam

Ben Barnes, once powerful Texas Democrat and hob-nobber with the rich and powerful, has admitted on videotape that he helped the young George W. Bush avoid service in Vietnam by getting him into the Texas Air National Guard: "I became more ashamed of myself than I've ever been because it was the worst thing I did -- help a lot of wealthy supporters and a lot of people who had family names of importance get in the National Guard," he said. "I'm very sorry of that and I'm very ashamed of it and I apologize to the voters of Texas for that."

"I got a young man named George W. Bush into the National Guard ... and I'm not necessarily proud of that, but I did it."

Will the so-called "mainstream press" be at all interested in that? Will they be as interested in that as they've been in "Swift Boat Veterans Willing To Lie For a Grudge"?

Can't wait to see the Sunday morning gasbags discuss it.

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