Wednesday, June 23, 2004

When Do "Coattails" Become a Banana?

Every North Carolina Republican, practically, who's been on TV touting himself for office, practically, has uttered the name George W. Bush, oh, approximately a dozen times in a 30-second spot, the point being, we suppose, to ride what are perceived to be broad, smart coattails into office.

But here's a paragraph from the Raleigh News & Observer this a.m., in a story about new poll results showing Erskine Bowles' lead over Richard Burr in the Senate race WIDENING:

"North Carolinians' confidence in the economy and in President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq have slid in recent months, according to the new poll; so has Bush's popularity. While that might be hurting fellow Republican Burr at the moment, there's no telling whether that will remain so on election day in November."

"No telling." But we wonder if we might not detect, starting, oh, about now, slightly fewer mentions of El Presidente's name in Republican television spots. Virginia Foxx, we believe, mentions the president exactly once in her TV ad, saying she supports his policies. It's beginning to look like a majority of North Carolinians don't.

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