Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Milquetoast of Human Kindness

Consider this line from the News & Observer's coverage of Saturday's state Democratic convention in Raleigh, where Senate candidate Erskine Bowles was the keynote speaker: "...his comments lacked a strongly partisan tone. In fact, he criticized political polarization in Washington...."

Yeah, Erskine set 'em on fire, if a wet noodle can be said to kindle a spark!

Erskine wants us to elect him so he can go to Washington and ... MAKE NICE!? Richard Burr is playing that game too. Only with Erskine, we're afraid it isn't play.

North Carolina Democrats, some of whom seem bent on becoming "Nice Republican Lite," need their own Howard Dean to help them redevelop a little calcium in their tired old bones.

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