Monday, June 21, 2004

Franklin Graham: A Big Tool

Make that a gigantic tool. Ed Broyhill, one of the approximately 47 Republican men running against Virginia Foxx for the 5th District congressional seat, has a new TV spot on the air featuring Franklin Graham. Saw it last night and thought, "Wow, he got Franklin Graham to endorse him!"

But not so fast, as the News & Observer this a.m. reports that a spokesman for Graham is asking the Broyhill people to take the spot off the air, since they don't recall having endorsed anyone.

But get this: According to the N&O, Graham himself has not asked that the ad be stopped, so Broyhill is letting it run. Now it sounds like an endorsement.

Graham and Broyhill were filmed together at a YMCA camp opening in Wilkes County, which was precisely the second time they had ever even seen each other in person, though Broyhill refers to Graham in the ad as "my good friend." One more chance meeting and they'd evidently qualify as lovers.

Nathan Tabor, another of the 47 Republican men running against Virginia Foxx, called this pimping of Graham "dirty pool," since he was counting on the religious right, born-again, "I'm-more-pious-than-ten-of-you-put-together" vote.

No word from Virginia "I'm-Catholic-but-I-keep-it-quiet" Foxx.

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